Remedies for Colic Pains about Midnight

Remedies for Colic Pains about Midnight

Excerpts from MM. 

Always compare the remedies with regards not only to the main complaint but also to the key characteristics of each remedy and the person in question.

Arsenicum album

C.Hering, Guiding Symptoms of Our MM

Diarrhea after midnight and after eating, with great prostration.

Diarrhea of blood and water; with emaciation and loss of strength; almost constant, with much intestinal rumbling; aggravates after midnight, also in the morning after rising, and after eating. Diarrhea violent, with frequent discharges; with straining, with colic, with vomiting, with great weakness.

Aurum metallicum

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Flatullent colic after midnight. Much flatus accumulates rapidly but does not pass and causes painful pressure, squeezing and anxiety. Rest and motion do not ameliorate.

Ambra grisea

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Soon after midnight he wakes with a considerably distended abdomen, especially a distended epigastrium, owing to incarcerated flatulence exciting colic, or, at any rate, a violent pressure downwards. This accumulation of flatulence disappears during the subsequent sleep without any emission of flatus, and the abdomen becomes easy.

Argentum nitricum

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

A slight colic wakes him from uneasy slumber (in the night), and he had sixteen evacuations of a greenish, very fetid mucus. The stool was accompanied by emission of a quantity of noisy flatulence.

After having eaten sugar greedily in the evening, he was attacked by a scanty watery diarrhea about midnight. It was attended by flatulent colic and much noisy flatulence during the stool.

Diarrhea with colic, like spinach in flakes (Lippe).

Cocculus indicus

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Flatulent colic about midnight. He awakens with incessant accumulation of flatulence, which distends the abdomen, causes oppressive pain on certain spots. Some of the flatus gets passed but doesn’t bring remarkable relief but new flatus is constantly collenced for several hours. He must lie on one side and on the other in order to relieve the pain.

Coffea cruda

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Sleeplessness after midnight (from 2 to 7 a.m.), with colic-like incarceration under the ribs, which causes anxiety and sensation of heat over the whole body. Attended without perspiration except for under the nose, no thirst, and with desire to be uncovered.


T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Two attacks of diarrhea and colic, with twitching pain in the bowels, at midnight. Copious stool with colic and dizziness. Discharge of blood, colics, more than twenty stools from 2 to 8 a.m., with pain and heat in the bowels.

J.H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical MM

Colic pain in abdomen after drinking water. Vomiting of food, followed by severe colic and profuse diarrhea. Colic with diarrhea at midnight, with fainting. Constipation alternating with diarrhea.

Pulsatilla prataensis

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Colic and rumbling in the abdomen, in the evening. Flatus moves from one part of the intestines to another, with loud rumbling, gurgling and gripping sensation – especially in the evening, in bed.

Colic at night; pressure here and there as from incarcerated flatus, with a sensation of heat over the whole body, with no thirst. No amelioration from passing flatus. After midnight.

Tanacetum vulgare

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Frequent colicky pains in the umbilical region through the day, and especially at 4 a.m. The pains are mostly all in the region of the small intestines. They are from a cutting-stitching character or of constant, dull, heavy, aching pains with frequent attacks of sharp cutting colicky pains, worse at night and especially after midnight.

Thuja occidentalis

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Colic towards noon; colic became exceedingly painful, it diminished gradually after a copious evacuation; after the lapse of two hours the colic became so violent, that he was scarcely able to stand straight, and had to sit with his trunk bent forward; these pains lasted upwards of an hour, and diminished after a copious evacuation, accompanied with emission of a quantity of flatus.

In the evening the pains became again more severe, the colic kept increasing and disturbed even his sleep; it was accompanied with distension of the abdomen and constipation.

In the evening suddenly felt a violent pain in the whole abdomen, as if all the bowels were pulled towards a point behind the umbilicus; this was accompanied with distension of the abdomen, headache, and accelerated pulse; this colic lasted six hours, and abated gradually after liquid evacuations, accompanied by an emission of large amount of flatulence.

Zincum metallicum

T.F. Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure MM

Violent colic constricts the whole abdomen, even while lying down after midnight, still more on rising.

Hering, The Guiding Symptoms of Our MM

Colic; constrictive; takes away breath; bellow navel, tearing from one side to other;  bellow navel as from flatus, while walking; awoke at night with it, followed by thick leucorrhea.

Oppressive colic after supper or later, after midnight.


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