Remineralization in Six Days by Tissue Salts

Remineralization in Six Days by Tissue Salts

The biochemical treatment offers effective way to fight tiredness, chronic fatigue and post winter weariness. Tissue salts restore the mineral balance in cells and make catching a disease less probable.

This is particularly important when winter retreats and weather change. Springtime puts challenges before the organism. Life becomes more active and we need more energy. The question where to get it from: the mineral reserves in cells are exhausted during winter, the defense mechanism of our body is weakened.

There comes the need to restore the mineral balance of calcium, kalium, natrium, magnesium and iron salts in cells and tissues. It is essential for our health and high spirit. And it is possible to achieve by application of Schuessler salts.

The following scheme is very simple and executable for a week. If there’s a need it may be repeated for another six days, and then to make a week pause.

Monday | Natrium Day

The first day should be dedicated to natrium salts. They regulate the water-salts balance in cells, and especially the acids-alkali equilibrium. Therefore the stable metabolism and the excretion of fluids are dependable on them.

The day should start with Natrium chloratum. It is the keeper of the liquid balance in cells. It helps for evacuation of all fluids excess and for restoration of water in any dehydrated tissues.

Next comes Natrium phosphoricum – the salt responsible for the decomposition of acids and for fat exchanges.

Last should be accepted Natrium sulphuricum, which is the salt for excretion of the bodily fluids.

So the scheme is:

Morning | 4 tablets Natrium cloratum D6
Noon | 4 tablets Natrium phosphoricum D6
Evening | 4 tablets Natrium sulphuricum D6

Tuesday | The Iron Day

The second day is dedicated to Ferrum phosphoricum being the chief antioxidant of the human body.

This salt influences the concentration of hemoglobin, stimulates the concentration and raises the memory capacity; it strengthens the muscular fibers by accelerating the transportation of oxygen and increases the mental and physical ability for work.

Ferr-phos should be accepted three times on the second day:

Morning | 4 tablets Ferr-phos D12
Noon | 4 tablets Ferr-phos D12
Evening | 4 tablets Ferr-phos D12

Wednesday | Kalium Day

Next are the salts of Kalium.

Kalium chloratum is the salt of the mucous membranes. It influences the protein exchange. When Kali cloratum is deficient, the adequate assimilation of proteins shall be disturbed.

Kalium phosphoricum participates into the synthesis of lecithin, which is constituent of cell membrane and of brain membranes. It is one of the main salts for the nervous system, namely for the metabolism inside nervous cells.

Kalium sulphuricum improves the supply of oxygen in all tissues but especially the skin and mucous membranes. It has important excretion fuction; strengthens the liver de-toxication and secretory fuctions; strengthens the pancreatic function and particularly the secretion of insulin.

The scheme for Kaliums is as follows:

Morning | 4 tablets Kalium chloratum D6
Noon | 4 tablets Kalium phosphoricum D6
Evening | 4 tablets Kalium sulphuricum D6

Thursday | The Day of Magnesium

The hundreds of activities of Magnesium phosphoricum in the organism may be grouped in the following categories:

Muscles relaxation; Co-factor in chemical reactions; Production and transport of energy; Synthesis of proteins; Transmit of nervous impulses.

Mag-phos is important factor for the biochemical processes in the glands, and also for the viscosity of lymph.

Together with vitamine B, Mag-phos activates ensimes which control the digestion, absorbtion and assimilation of proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Its deficiency may affect any aspect of life, for Mag-phos participates in 325 ensime reactions.

Without Mag-phos we have no energy, no motion, no life.

The scheme for the fourth day is

Morning | 4 tablets Mag-phos D6
Noon | 4 tablets Mag-phos D6
Evening | 4 tablets Mag-phos D6

Fryday | Calcium Day

Calcium fluoratum is important ingredient of the defense membranes of our body – the tooth enamel, the periosteum and the skin. Also all elastic fibers, tendons, ligaments and vascular walls need Calcium fluoratum.

Calcium phosphoricum is the salt responsible for proper growth and nutrition of the body.

Calcium sulphuricum is conctituent of the bile, coming from the liver. In the liver its function is related to destruction of worn-out red blood corpuscles. Its deficiency in the liver delays this process and leaves the useless cells in the blood. It is therefore important pre-requisite for purification of blood.

The scheme for fifth day is

Morning | 4 tablets Calc-fluorica D12
Noon | 4 tablets Calc-phosphorica D6
Evening | 4 tablets Calc-sulphurica D6

Saturday | Silicea Day

Silicea is the chief mineral for the health of hair, nails and skin. It is functional substance of the epithelium and the connective tissues. The latter is widespread in the entire organism – it constitutes the vascular walls; the bodies of all organs and systems, including the bones, periosteum, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Without Silicea the connective tissues become atrophic, fragile and thin.

The last day scheme includes only Silicea:

Morning | 4 tablets Silicea D12
Noon | 4 tablets Silicea D12
Evening | 4 tablets Silicea D12