Scarlet Fever Treatment | Homeopathic Scarlatinum

Scarlet Fever Treatment | Homeopathic Scarlatinum

Part Two

The second part from the articles set about homeopathic treatment of strep infections presents the Scarlatinum nosode – a remedy prescribed for cure of scarlet fever and the ill after effects from it for the kidneys, joints and the heart.

Scarlatina | Causation, Symptoms & Prognosis for Recovery

The scarlet fever leads its name from the characteristic discoloration of the inflamed throat, accompanied by the specific raspberry look of the tongue, accompanying that form of strep infection. The disease is caused by streptococci from group A ‘ß-hemolytic’, and namely by strains of Streptococcus pyogenes. The bacteria are found in the mouth, throat, and respiratory tract.

Scarlet fever is one of the most dangerous diseases of childhood, because of the possible heart and kidney complications. It is a constitutional disease which hits the organism when it’s weakened by some chronic cause.

The classical symptoms are: high fever, sore throat (strep pharyngitis), accompanied by raspberry tongue; in some cases the tonsils are swollen and inflamed, and scarlet red, possibly suppurating; and there is a fine red rash on the skin which, when pushed, becomes white. The mouth is white on background of the red face.

The rash is mostly seen on the abdomen, the lateral part of the chest and on the skin folds. The outer layer of the skin peels after the fever brakes.

The prognosis for recovery from scarlatina varies from the type of medical treatment applied.

Conservative physicians prescribe antibiotics immediately after they confirm the diagnosis. However, the wide range of antibiotic treatment lately have made the Streptococci highly resistant to most of the antibiotics; while the humans are becoming less resistant to the streptococcal infection – in other words, more pliable to it.

This is the reason for more and more frequent appearing of the so called ‘atypical scarlatina’, where the rash is not present but there is laboratory proof that the throat is inflamed by the ‘ß-hemolytic’ Streptococcus. Today the atypical variant of the disease is more and more frequently diagnosed.

The antibiotic treatment leaves the door open for acute and chronic affections of vital organs during the convalescence from scarlet fever, or as complications of the disease. Some of those are nephritis, chronic polyarthritis, angina pectoris, psoriasis, neurosis of the heart, general weakness.

Homeopathic remedies produce rapid and good results in the acute stage of scarlatina; and afterwards they have essential role for prevention of the above chronic complications.

Scarlatinum Homeopathic Nosode

The Scarlatinum homeopathic remedy was prepared by lysate taken from patient suffering from scarlatina; the source is secretion from the  pharynx or squama from the epidermis.

As Dr J.H. Clark writes in his ‘Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica’, “Scarlatinum has been used, like other nosodes, for the prevention and for cure of the disease from which it takes origin. But its well-known affinity for the skin, throat and kidneys suggests its applicability for affections of those organs.”


Scarlatinum is prescribed for albuminuria, nephritis, scarlet fever, skin disorders and sore throat.

Causation & Indications for Prescription

M.L. Tyler points the usage of Scarlatinum as an intercurrent remedy in diseases followed an attack of acute scarlet fever.

The remedy acts well to people who have never been well after acute throat inflammation or scarlatina, with or without the specific rash.

In high potencies Scarlatinum was found useful in treatment of urticaria, which could not be influenced by other well chosen remedies.

Physical Symptoms and Ailments cured by Scarlatinum

They are taken from clinical practice: pain in abdomen; palpitation of heart with myocardium pain; hard swelling of cervical glands; rheumatic pains in hands and fingers; intense fever; chronic painful inflammation of joints; headache; inflammation of kidneys; psoriasis; redness of the pharynx, difficult swallowing and painful throat; albuminous or bloody urine.


Scarlatinum ought to be differentiated by Belladonna, which is one of the most prominent remedies for cure of sore throat, angina and scarlatina. Also it should be compared with the respective Mercurious remedy. Other close to Scarl. remedies are Apis, Arsenicum, Rhus-tox, Morbillinum and Diftherinum.