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Pregnancy, delivery and nursing are challenging periods in life. These are the moments when minerals get rapidly exhausted and balance of the cells gets disturbed. Problem is that cells constantly strive to keep the few quantity of mineral ingredients left, and can neither accept the necessary nutrients (even if you are trying to bring them with balanced healthy dietary regime) nor to deliver the nutrients to those tissues where they are needed. The poor result from all this is that body starts to draw from its mineral salts depots, and thus to and deplete them.

That is why pregnant women often suffer from skin issues (striae, varicose veins), decayed teeth or falling of hair.  These are all depots of the so needed mineral compound Calcium fluoratum, which is taking care for the flexibility of skin, and strength of teeth and hair.

Pregnancy & Mineral Ingredients of Life

During the beautiful nine months of expecting, body of the future mother is under the rule of one little lord. Her organism is conducted by the need to supply fetus with all vital nutrients, needed for its normal development and growth.  The mineral elements and compounds reach the child organism through these nutrients. They are drawn from the food of the mother-to-be and from the depots of mineral supplies in her organism. Therefore the healthy diet in combination with Schuessler salts helps the mother to free herself from premature contractions, striae, varicose veins, swellings etc.

Most Important Tissue Salts during the Nine Months

Calcium fluoratum

It is called by some “the salt of pregnancy”, because it ensures elasticity of tissues and preserves from formation of striae, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and cellulites. It is also important where there are problems with sensitive teeth.

Calcium phosphoricum

This salt is substantial for multiplication of cells and fetus growth, for the strength of bones and teeth of both mother and child.

Ferrum phosphoricum

It is first aid to immune system and protection from viruses and infection; but it is also of invaluable importance for prophylactic of iron deficiency anemia because it helps for proportional distribution of iron in the organism.

Kalium phosphoricum

This salt is the closest friend of the nervous system. It takes care for vitality and high spirits and prevents depressive states. It also supports the formation of child’s nerve paths.

Magnesium phosphoricum

This is the best prophylactic of immature contractions and muscle cramps of the future mother.

Natrium chloratum

This is the well known helper against swellings during pregnancy, because Natrium chloratum maintains the balance of fluids in the system.

Proven Combination During Pregnancy

Schuessler salts are highly effective when accepted as a combination. They do not burden the organism, because they are absolutely harmless, and therefore quite appropriate for the pregnancy period, when all medications should be (as a rule) avoided.

First trimester

These several weeks are absolutely forbidden to usage of any medications. The reason is that all organs of fetus form now. However, this is not valid for the Schuessler salts, which are caring and alternative therapy for different complaints and conditions.

Nausea, Retching & Vomiting

These are most common during the first months and should not be underestimated because they might lead to dehydration. Where there are spasms and stomachache, the following combination is appropriate:

Calcium phosphoricum + Magnesium phosphoricum

The treatment should be stopped when the symptoms retreat.

Immune System Strengthening

Natural defense mechanisms of future mother may be supported by the following combination:

Ferrum phosphoricum + Magnesium phosphoricum + Kalium sulphuricum

The treatment should continue at least four weeks, especially during viral epidemics.

Second trimester

In most cases the disagreeable indispositions from the beginning of pregnancy had disappeared. Now is the time for the future mother to take care for the elasticity of her tissues; to protect her teeth from decay, her skin from striae and varices, and her stomach from heartburn.

The necessary combination of tissue salts is as follows:

Calcium fluoratum + Calcium phosphoricum + Natrium chloratum

It should be taken continuously till the eighth month.

Third trimester

During this period needs of iron rise significantly. This is shown by the decrease of levels of hemoglobin. There is a possibility of anemia, the allopath prescribes iron-containing supplements. The following Schuessler combination will prevent the mother from development of anemia, post-delivery depression, and will support normal development processes of the fetus:

Kalium phosphoricum + Ferrum phos phoricum + Calcium phosphoricum

This combination is to be accepted during the eighth and ninth monts of pregnancy, to delivery.

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