Schuessler Salts | Biochemical Supplements for Pregnancy & Maternity

Schuessler Salts | Biochemical Supplements for Pregnancy & Maternity

Preparation for Delivery with Schuessler Therapy

Facilitate the Delivery

Highly important for the entire pregnancy is Calcium phosphoricum. It alleviates the birth process. Therefore it should be accepted during the last three weeks before delivery. It supports the muscular system of future mother, takes care for bones and teeth of fetus.

In the last days of pregnancy Calcium phosphoricum should be combined with Kalium phosphoricum.

Effective Birth Activity

During the last two weeks before delivery it is crucial to support the organism with maximum energy, in order to meet the great physical and psychic challenge while giving birth. Following combinations of salts are of immense help for these purposes:

Calcium phosphoricum + Ferrum phosphoricum + Kalium phosphoricum + Magnesium phosphoricum

This combination should be diluted in water and taken on small sips during the last two weeks before delivery, and possibly during birth.

For convulsive contractions – Magnesium phosphoricum.

For ineffectual contractions – Calcium fluoratum + Ferrum phosphoricum + Kalium phosphoricum

For afterbirth pains – Calcium fluoratum + Ferrum phosphoricum + Kalium phosphoricum

For intensive bleeding after birth – Ferrum phosphoricum

For lassitude and exhaustion of the mother – Calcium fluoratum + Ferrum phosphoricum + Silicea

Biochemical Afterbirth Recovery

Delivery deprives body from many potassium and calcium slats due to exertion of muscles during contractions. Physical straining and psychological stress lead also to serious loss of magnesium and phosphorus. Deficiency of those mineral elements and compounds draw the system towards weakness of pelvic muscles and appearance of post delivery depression.


This discharge is very intense during the first days after delivery and continues several weeks afterwards. It is part from normal processes of uterine recovery, assisted by nursing which urges the conversely contraction of uterus.

Kalium phosphoricum is important salt for regeneration of tissues and has antiseptic action.


Due to sudden hormonal changes and straining, first week after birth the mother may experience slight increase of body temperature. If it goes higher than 38.5 C (101.30 F), the combination of Kalium phosphoricum and Ferrum phosphoricum should be accepted at every half an hour.

Incontinence of Urine

Hormonal levels during pregnancy literary relax the joints and muscles, and incontinence of urine is common, very unpleasant complaint after birth. Calcium fluoratum strengthens the affected tisues for about 4 to 6 weeks.

Recovery of Perineum

The pelvic basis is called ‘perineum’. It maintains the bladder, uterus and vagina, and prevents from prolapsus of organs and involuntary passage of urine and stools. During delivery muscles of perineum play important and heavy role, and therefore should be regenerated after birth.

The combination of Schuessler salts is as follows:

Kalium phosphoricum + Magnesium phosphoricum + Calcium phosphoricum

It should be taken for 40 days after birth.