Tissue Salts FAQ & Facial Analysis

In addition to general and specific articles on biochemical therapy, this one offers some additional guidance on choice and application of tissue salts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Biochemical Remedies


The recommended doze for tissue salts is 1 tablet, three times daily. These tablets might also be diluted in a glass of water, and taken at least three times a day after stirring. When the condition is acute, the dosage should be at least twice increased.

“HOT” Magnesium phosphoricum

In acute joint pains and muscle cramps Magnesium phosphoricum should be diluted in a glass of hot water. The solution should be taken on small sips, slowly for half an hour to instant relief. The more acute the complaints, the more frequent repetitions of the remedy should be.

May I Accept Tissue Salts with Ordinary Allopathic Medications?

There are no contra-indications for acceptance of the twelve Schuessler salts together with the conventional chemical medications. However, one should always consult one’s physician or homeopath in chronic disorders, at least for the correct salts and dosage.

The chemical medications have no influence on the biochemical treatment.

What Are the Side Effects of Tissue Salts?

There are none. The only rule is to take the smallest doze possible, as it is in Homeopathy. In chronic disorders biochemical salts should be accepted at least three months in order to achieve stable results.

I Just Want To Have Balanced Diet and Not To Count on Tissue Salts

Of course one should follow healthy diet and exercise regime. However even then there are cases where body cannot assimilate the nutrients and minerals from the food.

Tissue salts make the cells more receptive to absorb the minerals from food and reinstate their balance. The difference when one has healthy dietary and motion regime is, that biochemics do their job more quickly.

Does Coffee Interfere with Tissue Salts?

No, if coffee is taken in moderate quantities. Same is valid for smoking and alcohol.

Where To Buy Schuessler Salts

Biochemical salts can be obtained from drugstore, and also online. You can also use the search field for Amazon store at the bottom of right sidebar and in the middle of this article.

How to Prescribe | Facial Indications

The condition of skin on the face is indicator for deficiency of key mineral ingredients and compounds for homeostasis. Facial analysis is an instrument assisting the accurate prescription of biochemical salts.

Calcium fluoratum

This salt is maintaining flexibility of the connective tissues, including collagen. Forehead skin is glossy. Around eyes there is reddish-black discoloration. Bellow eyes fine, similar to a cobweb graphic structure is visible; also called crow’s feet wrinkles. Lips grow bluish in times of emotional pressure and stress. Tongue is cracked.

Calcium phosphoricum

Key word here is waxy. The ears discoloration is yellowish, waxy. Margins of lids seem protruded because of their paleness. The entire face is pale; skin is anemic, looks as if painted with white chalk. Teeth are decayed.

Ferrum phosphoricum

Dark circles under the eyes, specifically under inner canthy. Eyes are hollow. Face has earthy paleness, some comedones might be inflamed. On the forehead skin is slightly flushing. In acute conditions there are feverish red spots on the cheeks and ears, hot on touch.

Kalium chloratum

The entire face looks milky-bluish. Around eyes may be noticed formation similar to glasses, of milky blue or reddish shadows. On the cheeks there are cracked capillaries. Over the upper lid there is milky-reddish discoloration.

Kali chloratum is important addition to cure of mucous disorders – rhinitis, bronchitis, gastritis, cystitis.

Kalium phosphoricum

Face is grayish, ashy colored. Area around the eyes looks withered, around mouth and chin – ashy grey; the temples are sunken, eyes – tired. These are marks of nervous system disorders.

Kalium sulphuricum

Skin on the face is brownish-yellow, with brown spots. There is a tendency to formation of age spots. Old warts may harden. These are signs of some chronic sufferings.

Magnesium phosphoricum

Face has characteristic ‘magnesium flushing’ – intensively colored in pink, unnaturally looking spots like coins on both sides of the nose.

Natrium chloratum

The skin is dry, there are comedones and enlarged pores, and gelatinous shining on margins of the lids.

Natrium phosphoricum

Face shines with opaque greasy nose. Many comedones, frequent pimples, vertical wrinkles over the upper lip, flushed chin.

Natrium sulphuricum

Bloated face, bags under the eyes, aggressive redness, bluish or red nose. Milky white pigmentation between upper lip and nose and greenish-grey color around chin. Possibly the organism needs detoxification.

Silicea terra

Face skin is flabby, wrinkled and looks forcefully pulled backwards; wrinkles like crow’s feet and close around the ears.

Calcium sulphuricum

White face, limy, as if after a shock. Marked whiteness around eyes and lips, like plaster. Possibly a tendency to boils, acne and suppurations of all type.