Live the Balance | Schuessler Salts for Varicose Veins

Live the Balance | Schuessler Salts for Varicose Veins

Part Three

Tissue Remedies for Strengthening of Veins Walls
The last one from the articles for varicose veins alternative treatment presents two tissue salts, which are essential for the structure and strength of vessels walls. The article also includes practical lotion recipe for relieving the pain and the swelling of affected areas.

Calcarea fluorica

The presence of this calcium compound in the tissues is vital for the strength of the elastic fibers, the epidermis, and the surface of bones and enamel of teeth. I shall take the action of Calcarea fluorica on the elastic fibers in particular; because they are found in the vascular walls.

Stable equilibrium of the molecules of Calcarea fluorica in human cells prevents dilatation, in means of chronically relaxed condition, of the fibers that construct blood vessels. When there are parts from those walls, which are relaxed, it is not possible for such parts to let through vital substances for the blood and the entire organism; as a consequence the relaxed parts slowly become hardened. This reflects on the normal structure of veins and arteries; it also reflects on the blood pressure.

Disturbance of this tissue salt’s molecules in vascular fibers leads to varices like varicose veins and hemorrhoids, and to vascular tumors, indurated glands, and to weakening of the abdominal walls.

Therefore it is vital for human organism to maintain balanced presence of Calcarea fluorica in its cells and tissues. The importance of the way mineral elements and compounds are brought into the organism, namely diluted in the exact proportion, is presented in this article.

Symptoms & Application

Varicose veins and varicose ulceration of the veins on the lower limbs, causing sharp piercing pains; the patients can’t stand on their feet from pain. There are also varices on the veins about the vulva. There is amelioration from cold external applications, and during the cold seasons.

The tissue salt should be prescribed for at least three months; 3 times daily, 3 pastilles from Calc fluor in D12 dilution.

Ferrum phosphoricum

Iron is found in the hemoglobin. The organic basis of every cell is albumen; and the albumen also contains iron. The iron element and its salts have the property of attracting oxygen from the inspired air. Thus the air goes into the blood and is carried to every cell throughout the organism by means of the mutual reaction of Ferrum and Kalium sulphuricum.

Disturbed equilibrium of the iron molecules in the muscular fibers causes relaxation. When such relaxation occurs in the muscular coats of the blood vessels they become dilated. The blood accumulates in the vessels, causing congestion; and the blood pressure increases.

This state may lead to rupture of vessels walls, and to hemorrhage.

Therefore Ferrum phosphoricum is important tissue remedy in all cases of abnormal condition of veins tissue.

Symptoms & Application

Varicocele with pain in testicles; dilatation of the heart; dilatation of the blood vessels; palpitation of the heart with rapid and quick pulse. Varicose veins, phlebitis and lymphangitis, first stage.

Ferrum phosphoricum is a powerful vein remedy, though its prime action is on the arteries. For treatment of varicose veins it should be prescribed when indicated, for at least one month, in dilution D12.

Biochemical Lotion for Varicose Veins

Take six pastilles from Calcarea fluorica D12, four pastilles from Silicea D12 and two pastilles from Ferrum phosphoricum D12. Mix them in clean glass mortar, and pulverize them to fine dust.

Pour 60 ml oil from grape seed in clean bottle. Mix the tissue salts with the oil, stir well and shake the bottle until the salts dissolve into the oil. Always shake well before use.

This lotion may be applied directly on the skin above the parts affected from varicose veins with gentle pats and light massage towards the heart (from the ankle to the knee, or from the hand to the elbow; or from the knee to the thigh, etc.).

Keep the lotion well plugged, in a cool dark place away from direct sun light and heat.

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