Schuessler salts for Gastrointestinal Disorders | Phosphoric Element

Schuessler salts for Gastrointestinal Disorders | Phosphoric Element

In gastrointestinal disorders the biochemic remedies restore the disturbed metabolism and lead to soft cure.

Indigestion, Diarrhea, Constipation, Acidity, Gastritis

The German physician and homeopath Dr Wilhelm Schuessler discovered twelve mineral compounds, which are absolutely essential for all bodily functions – biochemical, electric, chemical and physiological. In 1874 he wrote that disturbed metabolism stays into the basement of every disease. The inorganic mineral compounds are diluted in minimal (decimal) quantities. They serve as basement of the living human organism, participating in the foundation of all tissues and hence the organs and systems of the body. Hence they were called ‘Tissue Salts’. For more information see this article.

The Phosphorus Element | Emotions, emotions

The phosphoric element in homeopathic tissue remedies is suited to emotional patients, excitable, nervous, iritable, with fear from death, depressive persons. Their gastric and intestinal problems always have some burning complaints; their food preferences include longing for spicy (having burning effect) foods; they suffer from excessive thirst; from eructations.

Nevertheless the qualities of Schuessler salts as tussue and cell constituents, as homeopathic remedies they respond to the law of similarity. Their remedial qualities should be similar to the symptoms of the patient and therefore, when prescribing, the individual characteristics of the patients should always be taken into account.


Kalium phosphoricum

Decay, Flatulence and Foul Breath. Stomach Disturbances & Excitement

The homeopathic tissue remedy Kalium phosphoricum is an antiseptic and hinders the decay of tissues.

Kali-phos. brings relief from gaseous eructations. However the choice of this remedy is premised by the combination of indigestion and nervous depression in the patient. These people are easily excited and often get stomach aches from fright or agitation.

Kali-phos will help when the patient is getting stomach aches from fright or excitement. Pains are accompanied by great thirst. Gastric problems often include nausea and pain on a small spot in the area of epigastrium.

The abdomen is distended. Patients suffer from colic with ineffectual urging for stool. The colic pains ameliorate from bending double.

The diarrhea is painless, watery, causing great prostration. It is also caused or accompanied by fright or depression. Stools are like rice water and have putrid smell, like carrion. Kali-phos is applicable in cases of dysentery. After stool, patients suffer from tenesmus and sore pains in rectum.

When constipation is the major complaint, together with brown stools and hemorrhoids, the application of Kali-phos for 3-4 weeks should remove the problem.


Ferrum phosphoricum

First help after taking a cold

This remedy is prescribed in the beginning of the infection, when all begins suddenly and unexpectedly. There is thirst for cold water and desire for a drink, like brandy, ale – something stimulating.

The appetite is diminished, with aversion to meat and especially milk. The eructations are greasy and bring back the taste of food eaten.

The face is flushed, hot and red; the tongue is covered by thick coating, like fur. Patients vomit indigested food, with sour and acid taste. After taking any food the stomach hurts; nausea and vomiting appear. Generally, the vomiting is persistent; sometimes patients vomit before breakfast.

The remedy is applicable in cases of inflammations in stomach in children, after taking a cold.

Ferr-phos is remedy for the first stage of all gastric and enteric fevers – the chilly stage; also the first remedy in the beginning of cholera infantum, when the face is red and full, stools are watery, bloody and occur after perspiration.

In all diarrhea cases, when the stools are watery and contain mucus and blood, where there is no tenesmus (unlike Kali-phos); also when the stools are indigested. Often the diarrhea is caused by chill.

Ferr-phos is also applicable in constipation, where there is heat felt in the lower part of the abdomen, hemorrhoids and aversion to meat. The hemorrhoids are inflamed, bleeding bright-red blood.

For the acute cases Ferr-phos should be prescribed till complains fade. For constipation and hemorrhoids the treatment should last two or three weeks.

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