Schuessler salts for Gastrointestinal Disorders | Phosphoric Element

Schuessler salts for Gastrointestinal Disorders | Phosphoric Element

Natrium phosphoricum

Excess of acidity, milk and sugar

Nat-phos. is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid. It prevents inspissation of the bile and mucus with crystallization of cholesterin in the gall duct and will thus remove the cause of many cases of jaundice, hepatic colic, bilious headache and imperfect assimilation of fats from lack of bile. It is therefore important liver remedy, more suited for chronic conditions.

The gastric symptoms manifest in acidity and sour eructations, caused by excess of lactic acid. Often there is pain concentrated in one spot. Patients suffer from nausea and vomiting of acid fluids and curdled masses (not food). Evidences for Nat-phos could be the cramping pains in children, accompanied by green, sour-smelling stools or vomiting of curdled milk – signs of increased acidity.

The remedy cures imperfect assimilation of fats, caused by lack of bile.

As for the bowels, Nat-phos covers cases, where young children are habitually constipated but occasionally suffer from attacks of diarrhoea. The remedy acts on the glandular organs of the intestinal tract.

Nat-phos is important remedy for long or thread worms in the intestines, with characteristic symptoms of acidity or picking of the nose, occasional squinting, pain in the bowels, restless sleep, itching at the anus, especially at night, in the warmth of bed.


Calcium phosphoricum

Imperfect nutrition

This remedy has great importance for nutrition and growth. Here I will point out only its action on the gastrointestinal tract.

Calc-phos is often applied in young children cases and in puberty cases. However this is not a rule.

Patients feel heartburn and flatulence in the stomach, unusual hunger and sinking sensation in epigastrium. There is pain in stomach after eating; all stomach and abdomen complaints aggravate by taking even the smallest quantity of food.

The food preferences include craving for bacon, ham, salted or smoked meats.

Infants want to nurse all the time and after that vomit often and easily. Children may vomit after drinking cold water or eating ice cream.

Calc-phos is also remedy for cholera infantum and tubercular diarrhea; accompanied by great desire for hard digestible food like ham or smoked meat, and sunken, flabby abdomen. Stools are hot, watery, profuse, offensive, noisy and sputtering. Calc-phos is appropriate remedy for gastric and enteric complaints in the summer; one of the most important remedies for such problems in teething children.

The diarrhea is aggravated by fruit.


Magnesium phosphoricum

Cramps. Pain.

This remedy relieves pains of all kinds with the exception of burning pains. It is especially related to cramping, shooting, lightning-like pains, accompanied by a constrictive feeling.

It is best adapted to lean, thin, emaciated persons with a highly nervous disposition.

Again in this remedy we find sensitiveness to acids. Mag-phos has aversion to coffee but great desire for sugar. Often suffers from hiccough with nausea, day and night. Food arise back to the oesophagus, with bubbling sensation.

Heartburn in stomach with burning, tasteless eructations, better from drinking hot water.

Pains are relieved by warmth and bending double, worse from touch at epigastrium. After drinking cold water pains resume.

People feel spasms or cramps in the stomach, aching as if a band were tightly laced around the body – constrictive pains.

Flatulent cramping pains in abdomen force patient to bend double. They are ameliorated by rubbing, warm applications and pressure. Pains are accompanied by much flatulence but the passing of gas gives no relief. The gases in bowels are rumbling and belching.

Colic Pains in Babies

Mag-phos is very well adapted to children and infants, suffering from flatulent colic. Babies are restless, bending their legs, crying with pain. They often suffer from watery diarrhea in addition. Lying position is bent over – usually the shoulder of mommy; pains are relieved by pressure.

Diarrhoea is watery, with vomiting and cramps; with chilliness and pain in stomach. Stools are expelled with force.

The remedy is suited to constipated infants, with spasmodic pain at every attempt at stool, indicated by sharp, shrill cry. Constipation is accompanied by much rumbling and flatulent colic with lots of gas.