Sweet-scented Balm for Restless Babies

Sweet-scented Balm for Restless Babies

This aromatic balsam can work really well when your baby is nervous and frustrated. It may be used independently or in combination with Bach or homeopathic treatment. The soft calming formula of tho essential oils mixed in base wheat germ oil immediately becomes a favorite relaxing tool because of its delightful scent and instant effect on both mother and baby.


Restlessness in babies is not difficult to recognize. They constantly move their arms and legs; whimper in any position, don’t want to stay put in cradle or bed; cry and shriek at any occasion; demand to be constantly held or walked by, etc.

Physical restlessness can be caused by illness, pain in abdomen (colic and spasms), teething, chapped skin and many other factors. Often babies are nervous due to mom’s difficult emotions and it is therefore essential to treat both the mother and child. See the bottom of this article for compatible homeopathic & flower remedies for babies.


Dentition is very difficult period in life, and babies walk through it at the cost of raised irritability, not infrequently accompanied by physical malaise like diarrhea, constipation, fever, disturbed appetite etc. During this period moms need extra patience and ‘thick’ nerves.

Custom usage of essential oils at home can do a lot for that purpose. Of course, when the baby shows sighs of affected health, a remedy is needed. But in most of the time it is not the case; moreover, it is not advisable to give too many remedies to children.

Diaper Rush

This is quite common suffering of contemporary infants in spite of the vast variety of cosmetic lotions available today. If such condition is present in your baby, it is no wander that it is restless and irritable. The best action in such cases is to just take off the diaper and leave the child free and naked to lay or walk around for a while. During this it will be the most opportune moment to apply the Diaper Rush Lotion on the inflamed spots and to let the sore skin to absorb it.

2 Essential Oils Calming Formula

Of course you will need basic oil to dissolve the essential oils in. The best for babies and little children is the wheat germ oil because it is neutral and highly nutritional for the thin and sensitive baby skin. Wheat germ oil contains higher quantity of Vitamin E than the other base oils and is rich of proteins and Vitamin B.

Chamomile Oil

matricariaIt was made from Matricaria Chamomilla (German chamomile) or from Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile). Roman chamomile grows in low groups, forming flowering carpets with sweet apple scent. German chamomile grows taller and is also called ‘wild’. It had been used by the ancient Greeks for uterine disturbances and fever.

This is one of the most delicate essential oils and is perfectly safe for little children and teething babies. Few drops can be added to the warm bath of children who are tired or recovering from illness.

Chamomile oil is curative for headache, teething, colds, cough, ear pain, sinusitis, hay fever, nervous conditions, menstrual problems, colic pains in abdomen, summer diarrhea and skin affections.

For the Anti-Stress Balsam use 3 drops pure Chamomile Oil.

Pure Rose Oil




Rosa damascene, Rosa centifolia.

Many are the qualities of the rose oil. It had been used for centuries for diminished or lack of appetite, pre-menstrual syndrome, issues of climax, cough, nose catarrh, thrush, aphthae, inflamed skin, sore throat, sleeplessness and many other conditions.

Rose oil possesses scent beyond description, sweet and calming, and exotic.

For the Anti-Stress Balsam you should use 2 drop of pure Rose Oil.

Preparation and Dosage

Take 10 ml wheat germ oil and dissolve the essential oils in it. The balsam must be stirred well and then applied on the arms and legs of the baby, without hands and palms. It could also be applied on the back but not on the spine. The balsam is absolutely safe, and so would be the opinion of your pediatrician.


More important compatible homeopathic remedies

Aconite, Arsenicum, Calcarea carb, Chamomilla, Colocynthis, Camphora, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Kali carb and many others.

Applicable Bach Flower Essences

Rock Rose for intense fear, terror, and heightened nervousness.

Aspen for foreboding and vague, haunting fears.

Gentian for discouragement and reluctance to get involved in the world.

Agrimony for oversensitivity to turmoil, strife, and quarrel; for suffering from disruptions in peace.

Walnut fort increased mental sensitivity to impressions from outside; too much influenced and unstable.

Rescue Remedy for all these states, in case of a doubt.