January 5, 2013 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Need for Courage & Trust Latin: Mimulus guttatus Description: Mimulus essence by Dr Edward Bach is for those who feel frightened by concrete threats. Treatment with Mimulus helps people to overcome their fears, to keep their mind on the present and to regain their trust in others. For the preparation of Mimulus essence are used blossoms from the plant by the method of sun potentization. The remedy is part from the group of Bach essences for fear, together with Aspen, Cherry plum, Rock rose and Red chestnut. (more…)

September 13, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

The mind concentrates on one’s internal or external aspect of the personality considered as shortcomings, fauld, disadvantage or shameful. As a consequence, feelings of helplessness and possibly guilt are developed, and the self esteem is lowered. Latin: Malus pumila For the preparation of Crab Apple essence are used blossoms from wild apple tree by the boiling method. Crab Apple is part of Despondency and Despair Group of Bach flower remedies. The most important characteristic of this remedy is the exaggeration of personal purity – external and internal – and the desire for perfection in every aspect of their life. (more…)

May 27, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Oak is the essence for stable, loyal and perseverant people who fight constantly, relentlessly, unyieldingly their path through life. Working very hard and not making satisfying progress or gaining rewards, these people develop a tendency to stoicism and feats of willpower. Latin: Quercus Pedunculata, Quercus robur Today, as in the early 40-ties of the previous century, the simplicity of therapy with flower essences for healing is attractive to many people, worn out from spending money and efforts for complicated medicine treatments with doubtful effect. The harmlessness and efficiency of Bach remedies are reasons for us to seek flower essences for self…

March 8, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

The preparation of flower essences is simple process, possible to be held in domestic environment. There is no need of any special conditions except sunlight and, for some essences, fire. All you need is clear water from a natural spring, or purified water, and brandy for stabilizing the flower extract. It is also possible to use medicinal alcohol, but no stronger than 50 percent. It is easy to order Bach remedies from every online drugstore; but if you have an inclination to it, the self preparation of the remedies is much cheaper and, furthermore, will bring you satisfaction and peace….

March 7, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Worldwide is known that there are remedies prepared by flower essences. These remedies were discovered discovered in 1928 by an English physician – Dr. Edward Bach. The therapy with flower essences was consistently practiced by him till his death, gaining many supporters and followers. In its essence Bach therapy is similar to the herbal treatment, only diagnostics of the emotional state of the patients is what makes this therapy unique and gives it a stand. This therapy is simple in every way and meaning. The preparation of the flower remedies is simple; the way to define which flower remedy is…