June 5, 2014 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

The second part of the article for spasmodic retention of urine continues the exposure of the most prominent remedies for retention of urine due to spasmodic disorders or paralysis of the bladder. Paralysis & Spasmodic Affections of the Bladder Causticum Causticum cures paralysis of the bladder which aroused after labor, and also due to forcible retention of urine resulting in over-extension of the bladder. This remedy has in its pathogenesis many paralytic conditions, and is well known therapeutic for such complaints. (more…)

April 3, 2014 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

In this article I shall speak about acute morbid states and the necessary steps for homeopathic prescribing. The most important corner stones are: to assess the disease, to know which symptoms to take, to know the remedies for the respective disorder and to understand the true amelioration. How to Recognize the Acute Disease To know how to distinguish between acute and aggravation of a chronic disease is important because in chronic cases the patient needs constitutional treatment; where in acute cases he will need acute remedy. Acute diseases differ from the chronic by certain points. Sometimes the aggravation of chronic disease…

March 13, 2013 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

This article provides information for the next three homeopathic remedies for treatment of impotence. The uniting link between Phosphorus, Graphites and Conium maculatum in cases of ED is found in the emotional excess and the continence. More about the reasons for the problems with potency may be found here. (more…)

December 1, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

The acute urinary infection is one of the most unpleasant inflammations, happening to both men and women. It is also a dangerous infection for the kidneys play essential role in the organism, keeping the homestasis. The first manifestation of urinary inflammation occur in the outer (peripheral) urinary organs; symptoms of discomfort, burning pain in the urethra, frequent urging to urinate are the most common initial signs. The allopathic treatment of urinary inflammation is suppressive. Due to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics the development of bacteria is suppressed; the discomfort disappears and patients think they are cured. But the bacteria that cause urinary…

February 22, 2012 Tsvetana Kodjabasheva

Manifestation of the Disease | Prophylactics This article presents the pictures of 12 homeopathic remedies and outlines the stages of the disease they are apt to.  The inflammation of the bronchi affects infants, elder children and adults. It may be developed after coryza or cold; and when cases of frequent bronhitis were treated repeatedly with allopathic medications, the disease may become chronic. Teething of infants can predispose them to bronchial catarrh. The disease usually hits during earlier months of spring, in late autumn and in winter. Exposure to cold or damp weather facilitates the inflammation; same effect has the change…