Therapy with Flower Essences by Dr Edward Bach

Worldwide is known that there are remedies prepared by flower essences. These remedies were discovered discovered in 1928 by an English physician – Dr. Edward Bach. The therapy with flower essences was consistently practiced by him till his death, gaining many supporters and followers.
In its essence Bach therapy is similar to the herbal treatment, only diagnostics of the emotional state of the patients is what makes this therapy unique and gives it a stand.

This therapy is simple in every way and meaning. The preparation of the flower remedies is simple; the way to define which flower remedy is applicable is also simple and the application of the remedy is simple.

Bach Flower Therapy is suitable for everyone, not requiring any special knowledge and completely harmful, and therefore is at everyone’s disposal for self help with natural sources.

Who was Dr Edward Bach you may discover easily on the net. He was pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath, discoverer of the seventh oral vaccines (homeopathic nosodes of Dr. Bach). The books he wrote about flower essence remedies are available in many languages and in many forms, including ‘e-book’ form. And many other people had written books about ‘The Twelve Healers’ and ‘Heal Thyself’.

This is holistic therapy for self healing. It takes into account the emotional state of the person who is suffering, not the type of the disease.

There are 38 states of mind and emotions to which certain remedies are applicable. All 38 states are grouped in 7 categories of human emotions as follows:

– For those who feel FEAR

– For sufferers from INSECURITY

– For insufficient interest in PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES


– For those who are oversensitive to INFLUENCES and IDEAS



Bach Flowers and Homeopathy

Flower therapy is similar to homeopathic treatment so far, that both therapies aim to reinstate the balance of the human who is suffering; both are using similarity of the healing substance to the symptoms of the disease. However Bach therapy is focused only on the emotional status, or mood, of the patient; while Homeopathy takes the entire picture as an unity of physical, emotional and mental state of the person. Homeopathic method requires knowing of what is curable in the patient and the curing process is lead by application of minimal dozes of the healing substance on that patient. In larger dozes the substances used for homeopathic remedies are able to provoke similar morbid symptoms to those we aim to cure; and application of Homeopathy requires knowledge of several thousand remedy pictures together with laws of cure and principles of this medical science.

Bach essences, on the other side, are simply prepared by extracting the living energy from the plants flowers; without further treatment, drops from so obtained tincture are used directly on the person in need. In its essence Bach therapy is similar to the herbal treatment, only diagnostics of the emotional state of the patients is what makes this therapy unique and gives it a stand from ordinary application of herbs. The essences are easily prepared by anyone in domestic conditions.

There is no danger from over dosage of flower essences. It is absolutely harmful to accept them for unlimited period of time.

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